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She Will Be Loved

Hello everyone, I am a new member and am just so excited to be here! Before I do my little story post here, I just have to offer a small apology. I'm sure I don't have all my info right, as far as the girls go but, hence my screen name, I am a member of a celeb rp in which I role play Mary-Kate so the MK and A in this fanfic are based off the girls they have become in my celeb rp....does that make any sense? *shrugs* anyway, here's a little taste.

[b]Title[/b]: She Will Be Loved
[b]Rating[/b]: PG
[b]Disclaimer[/b]: I do not own or know any of the celebrities mentioned in this fanfic, though I've always wanted to own a hobbit *winks

“I think I’m falling in love with her”

“Are you falling in love with her, or are you falling in love with being her hero? What happens when she gets so sick that she can’t even pick herself up off the bathroom floor? Will you be in love with her when you can’t save her from herself? Cause let’s face it, Lij…that day is going to come, and it’s going to come faster than you know it.”

He looked at the floor. “I know you’re worried about me getting hurt, Han, but I can take care of it. And I can take care of her.”

“Fine,” Hannah said, grabbing her coat and heading for the door. “Then I’ll see you at her funeral.”
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