Stunberck (lynz_bo) wrote in mkafanfic,

I'm New<3

 Hey! I'm brand new...I admire MKA's fashion...could any of you help me find some of these items please, that'd be great!'s shirt...<3

2...Ashley's shirt and shoes

3...Ashley's pants...<3

4...Ashley's shirt.

5...Ashley's shorts...


and does any one know a good place or places to get jewelery like Mary-Kate's?...I adore it.

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urban outfitters has really mary kate jewelry!
i have ashley's pants in the third picture.
they're so comfy.
but my sister stole them and took them to college with her ::angry face::
does anybody know either ashley or mk's pants size?
about a size 2 or 4 i'm guessing most stars are either a 2 or 4.
totally a size 0
The shirt in the top picture, is just a light yellow polo. She has a yellow camisole underneath, i found one at nordstrom. Ashley's pants in the 3rd pic, are linen by juicy couture. There last summer...
Hope that helps!