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A first

(Is somewhat based on SLT. and will be in parts. This is part uno. written in journal entry form)

Chloe (Ashley) and Riley (Mary-kate) both live with their mom in the beachhouse (yupyup you know the family scenerio from here..)


Since last year, both girls went from sharing a room to having a room of their own. They are both somewhat different but they, or well, Chloe goes to the same high school. She is in the tenth grade. Riley also went to the same high school as well but she dropped out in ninth grade when she just couldn't take it anymore. She kept on getting mocked at by other girls (mostly for silly things like how small she was and called her a dork and a slut because Riley had a webblog on her website. She, Riley, would take her webcam and take pics of herself often and put them on her site and some people would donate money to her via paypal. The reason was mainly because Riley needed money to save up because she wanted to go to an east coast school (She's also been applying for jobs too) far away from her "perfect" as it seemed sister, Chloe, whom thought her sister was just lazy, ditto for her parents whom didn't understand Riley at all. They don't know about the site which is somewhat good to Riley because it's her escape. Riley created her website "Story of a girl" from her sucky current reality. Then, she gets the perfect idea to maybe escape her family for good. Like said, she wants to go an east coast school. But, soooo many obstacles are getting in the way. Can she get what she wants?


<< As posted on her webblog (website)

30. Dec.

Well, this sucks. and on top of being teased, living with my oh so perfect preppy sister, and the birthgivers, I'm sick. Around the holidays. I spent the past two weeks puking my guts out, laying around watching morning talk shows, and going through severe stomach pain. Sorry for not providing you guys with the private cam show on the site tonight. I'm just really, really sick. but if you can, DONATE MONEY.

I actually found out that my stomach pain is caused due to a kidney stone. I can't believe it so I had to go to the specialist today. The specialist said my kidney stone was small enough so it possibly already passed and that I have to stop taking my medication and just lay around which is NOTHING really new for me. Then, the specialist sent me to the hospital for an x-ray and I got my x-ray done. But, I have to do a piss test too. And the place that I was scheduled to go to was closed.

I also hate my sister, Chloe. I hate her already. She complains her life is bad because all of her friends have boyfriends and she doesn't. Plus a so-called retarded school dance is coming up and she's whining so badly about that the fact that she doesn't have a date. HELLO?!!?! excuse me?!!?! Like that's a super big issue compared to what I'm going through.

End. Posted on webblog by: Riley
Comm3nt (3) -Read-


"You do not deserve this, Riley! You are so nice!" - Lindsey, CA.

"YOU FUCKIN UGLY TWIT. YOU HAVE NO LIFE. GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC" - um lemme think...oops i forgot again.

"I expected the cam show...." - Luke, New Zealand


Part two. soon. Sofar, what do you think?
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